"He who enjoys true leisure has time to improve his soul's estate."
Henry David Thoreau

Disc Golf

Yellowstone Disc Golf is No Walk in the Park

Over the river and through the woods...up the hill and across the ridge... Yellowstone's wild terrain takes disc golf to a whole new level. Keep an eye on that disc because it may be hard to find once out of sight!

For those new to the sport, disc golf is very similar to regular golf, except instead of using golf clubs to get a golf ball in a hole, you throw a golf disc to hit a "hole," which is a designated target or specially built basket. The sport involves mapped courses with 18 "holes," similar to golf, and the discs vary in design much like golf clubs for specific purposes and distance.

All major locations in the park have at least one disc golf course, some more developed than others. Your location Recreation Staff will be familiar with the course, and they will have maps, scorecards, and discs for employees to borrow free of charge.

Please play safely - avoid thermal features and keep a safe distance from any wildlife you may find on the course.

Disc Golf Program Information

Various disc golf competitions are held throughout the summer by either the location Employee Recreation Staff or other disc golf enthusiasts. Talk to your location Employee Recreation Staff to find out more about upcoming tournaments or to begin planning one of your own.

See Yellowstone disc golf photos at the Disc Golf Photo Gallery.

The Parkwide Disc Golf Tournament is an annual event scheduled in early August, at the George Anderson Course at the Lake area. This event brings in employees from all around the park to compete for fun and prizes.

Parkwide Disc Golf Tournament 2012: TBA

Alan Kerner Tees off For Hole 7

Jim Emmart Tees off for Hole 6

Another Hole 7 Tee Off

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